Cool Off With A Dip In The Pool

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Pool Details

  • Pool Location: The pool Is located in the back yard of 26 Tammy Rd. Spring Valley, NY 10977.
  • Children’s tubes:¬†Our pool features a variety of tubes and other floating toys for children to enjoy, making it a safe and fun place for them to swim.
  • Diving board: Our pool has a diving board for those who want to challenge themselves or simply have some fun.
  • Private setting: Our pool is located in a private backyard, so you can enjoy your swim in peace and quiet.
  • Changing areas: We have two dressing tents set up in the backyard so you can get dressed in privacy before and after your swim.
  • Convenience: We have a portable toilet available for your convenience.
  • Entertainment: We have a speaker set up so you can play your favorite music while you swim.
  • Cleanliness: Our pool water is clean and filtered, so you can be sure that it is safe to swim in.